EST. 1921


Code of Conduct

The ERFC ideals match those of WRFU

Respect, Understanding, Leadership, Responsibility

And those of NZRU APPLAUD code.


Good sport is all about positive attitude. As a player representing ERFC you will:

  • Abide by all laws of the game.

  • Never argue with referees, coaches or managers or lose your temper

  • Give maximum effort in all games and training

  • Advise management team of any illness or injury

  • Be a good team member, encourage and support your team. Help others where you can

  • Remember to thank opposition, referees, coaches, supporters

  • Be positive and do not put others down, display modesty in victory & graciousness in defeat

  • Have fun

Coaching & Management team

As a Coaching & management team you set the standards expected of the team. As a member of the this team you will:

  • Will arrive ahead of training start time with a planned session that will start on time

  • Set personal behaviour standards and lead the team by example

  • Give each player the same amount of attention and time, accepting differing levels of ability & Skill

  • Provide each athlete with the same opportunities to play and train

  • Never argue with referees, never encourage or accept cheating, do not make excuses for losing. Will display control, respect & professionalism

  • Be positive, never shout or ridicule players

  • Respect all players efforts, accepting winning is only part of the fun of playing

  • Encourage respect for other players, teams and officials

  • Have fun and instil fair play in all we do

Parents and supporters

As parents and supporters you help set the tone of the team, and what is acceptable behaviour. As a parent or supporter of the ERFC you will:

  • Respect that people (players, coaches, volunteers, officials) are involved in rugby for a variety of reasons, but generally for enjoyment

  • Support and applaud good performance from all players

  • Accept the decisions of referees and coaching team

  • Leave any discrepancies to the coaching team please DO NOT approach referees

  • Remember your role is to support your child, be positive and leave the coaching to the coaches

  • Assist the team – help with cleaning equipment at end of training, carrying water bottles

  • Have fun, accept the game is the players game.

Team expectations

Players commit to being part of the team. The coaches will support player development and skill growth and commit to ensuring fair game time.

  • Our players will benefit from coaches who maintain their skill level through personal coaching development and work with our players to grow as player & individuals. Players will treat each other and our opposition with respect.